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Bad comments. Big fun.


A signature brand with a signature advertising.

bett1 is Germany’s most famous online mattress retailer. The brand is known for its outstanding quality but also for a TV ad that had been running for more than 4 years without any changes. The two mattresses! The two actors! The dialogue! The music! Everyone in Germany knows it, but honestly, not everyone likes it. Just go online.

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From infamous to famous.

“bett1 go to hell!”. You will find tons of comments on bett1’s advertising, many of them not very nice. Throwing the ad away would have been the thing to do but we did the opposite.

We picked the best comments and turned them into, yes!, proper bett1 ads. With all the signature ingredients of course. Thus showing not only self-irony but self-confidence too. The rewards: millions of views, likes and most important, many comments of people sharing their new love for the brand.

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