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Digital Experience

Recent digital projects

Digital X is our core.

We’re a pioneering team creating interactive and immersive experiences. No matter if it’s a digital product, a campaign or a communication platform. We engineer user-centred digital solutions, for today and the future.

Digital is not an add on. It´s a mindset.
Check our cases below.

An immersive cAR app.

Mercedes-Benz was the first car brand to launch an augmented reality app: from A-Class to EQC, have all carlines in your pocket - and your living room. No matter where you are: drive it, configure it, explore it. It’s truly a next-level immersive adventure.

An interactive AR-filter.

Our digital Mercedes-Benz team was one of the frontrunners to participate in IG’s closed current beta programme. The digital product: an AR-filter applying the moody, neon look&feel of the CLA Campaign. The result: an amazing performing interactive campaign.

A tangible WebGL product.

We always aim to create for the Mercedes-Benz users a digital car experience as outstanding as the cars themselves. For the Mercedes-Benz’ EQC, we build an immersive WebGL configurator: offering an innovative and tangible user-experience.

Long live the block!

Local shop- and restaurant-owners were hit hard by the consequences of Covid-19. The lockdown meant running costs without revenues. A devoted team worked day and night to launch a voucher platform to help those owners. We’re stronger together.

The power of social media.

We love the endless power of social media, bringing experiences to the next level. We believe that every one of our ideas must push the boundaries of engagement, whether it is a small little GIF or 46 tons of resin covering one of the very first G-Classes.

Let´s kick it!

Antoni invested in the sport-data start-up: ID League. It’s a kick-ass team with an amazing idea: an app that analyses athletes all over the world, making their performances comparable and improving them. Everything, of course, driven by data and AI.

The Check-in_ App.

It`s not always about business. Now more than ever we experience the importance of having each other's backs. To protect our employees, we developed an open-source smart application that’s able to track infection chains quickly and easily - without paperwork.

And of course it's all open source. Feel free to use.