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Women at antoni


We are many great women at antoni. But too often we are still the only woman in the room.
In the last couple of years, we have witnessed a notable increase of women in leading positions, and we really want to keep this development going.

We reached out to some of the 135 women at antoni and asked them to share their thoughts on this topic.

Dana Schröck,

“As a woman at antoni, I am proud to be part of a community of exceptional women who inspire and empower me. We stand together, celebrating one another’s achievements and helping each other through difficult times, and always providing encouragement to dream big.”

Pam Boschma,

“I work with some of the most talented women in advertising every day, but we are not there yet. We need more women in leadership positions. I guess it is only suitable to quote Angela Merkel: “The question is not whether we are able to change, but whether we are changing fast enough.”

Manal El-Issa,
Junior People & Culture Manager

“Women have had to fight hard for their freedom and rights. It is thanks to women that came before me, that I can now decide for myself what I would like to do and when I would like to do it. I have the opportunity to self-realize, and to pursue my goals untethered. We need female role models to look to for guidance.”

Pauline Klose,
Management Assistant

“Being a woman in a male dominated agency is not always easy. Over the years, we have managed to push the proportion of women and further open the gates for increased diversity.
In recent years, I have watched many women grow and that makes me very proud. The cohesion and exchange is very strong, your opinion is heard, no matter which gender you belong to. Be one of many!”

Paulina Klawuhn,
Creative Director

“We need to talk more about creating opportunities for reconciliation of private and professional life for women and especially mothers. It requires a lot of consideration and it's exhausting as shit! – For everyone involved. My conclusion was that I cannot work in a way that is up to my standards and please all the people I work with and be the mother I want to be all at the same time.
After that realization and accepting it, things got easier.

I'd be lying if I said it didn't involve constant readjustment, but the step toward more flexible, customized working models was taken with me, and I feel great support, especially from my team. But there is still a lot to do. It is up to privileged people in leadership positions (including myself) to create more equality and chances. I hope that I can create the same opportunities I was given for other women.”


We strive to continuously diversify, grow, and improve our teams. We are proud to report that within the last five years antoni grew overall by 66%. In 2018 43% of antoni employees were non-male, while this year we are at 58% non-male antonis, with lead positions made up by 43% female employees.

Professional and Personal Development antoni also provides a number of training and language courses to make sure you can meet your professional goals and grow into leading positions.

Flexible work hours and work models

antoni offers flexible working hours and models. It is important to antoni to support personal needs and adjust work schedules accordingly.
Whether it is parenting, care-work, adjusting to physical or mental health issues or simply preferring to work by your own schedule – the reason does not matter to us. We are keen to find a solution that makes it possible to mold work around your private life rather than the other way around.
We currently have different models set in place: Fulltime, Halftime and everything in between. We have recently been able to introduce the job-sharing model for part-time employees. Beyond this we are always open for alternative scheduling ideas and implementations.
Since the pandemic we have established a 50/50 model of remote and in-office work that can be adjusted according to your needs and your team set-up.

Regular Check-Ins

To kick off your start at antoni right we have closely knit staff appraisals for the first year of your employment. It starts off with a four-week check in that is just between the people department and you. This is primarily a chemistry check-in, to see how your initial introduction to the antoni family and within your team went. The eight-week-check-in serves to see how things are going overall, make sure expectations are aligned and the guidance you need is set in place. At five months we ideally want to talk about the end of your probationary period and how we can provide the best breeding ground for furthering your career at antoni. In all following yearly check-ins, it is important to us to make sure you feel completely seen and heard, regarding both professional, and personal needs.

Additionally, there are several check ins between you and your team leads on either a bi-weekly or monthly basis. In the so-called one on ones, our antonis can talk about anything that moves them or is important to them, which can be work-related topics as well as private topics that are important to them. The conversations also serve to ensure that the antonis are always close to their mentor. The people department takes part in these check-ins as well, if so desired by the employee.

Trust Leave

We don’t have the typical 28 vacation days a year, we trust our employees and the fact that they know when they need a break (for whatever reason) and when they want to be on high alert professionally.

Code of Conduct

We strive to provide a working environment that is free from discrimination and harassment.
We promote equal opportunities. We do not favor or discriminate against our colleagues, employees, or applicants based on their religious affiliation, gender, ethnic or national origin, age, any disability, sexual orientation, pregnancy, illness, or any comparable characteristic.
We treat each other with respect and refrain from any conduct that violates a person's dignity. Sexual harassment of any kind is expressly prohibited.

Circle of Trust

The Circle of Trust is comprised of several antonis – managing directors, the entire people department and selected “trust people”– who can be approached with any kind of problem to be discussed and solved in confidence.


In case you want to file a complaint anonymously, we have the CONFDNT tool set in place, which allows you to report any misconduct whether it affects you, your clients, or colleagues without it being traced back to you.
With the implementation of this whistleblower channel, we contribute to a transparent working climate.

Company Benefits

We care about individuals, and all of their facets, and seek to provide the same level of comfort, security, and support to everyone in the antoni family.
Therefore, we have a number of company benefits to offer, such as BVG tickets, Urban Sports Club memberships and, regarding your time after your professional career, a company pension plan that can be adjusted to your personal needs and that antoni will contribute 20% to.

That’s why we are looking for female talents to join us. 
We want to be many more.

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