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The rise of the G-Class


Once a G-Class,
always a G-Class.

Iconic since its debut in 1979, the G-Class has stayed remarkably true to its roots while seamlessly adopting modern innovations. Known for its distinct, boxy silhouette, the G-Class continues to reinvent itself, maintaining its status as a timeless symbol in automotive history, now debuting as fully electric model. The campaign celebrates the G-Class as unstoppable explorer, as it conquers new terrains and rises to the top. Impressively stating once and for all that it truly is: The uncompromising. The iconic. The Geländewagen.

The Rise of Electric.

The newest member of the G-Class family combines iconic aesthetics with unique drive technology. The legendary off-roader is all set for the electric era and opens up almost limitless opportunities in terms of outdoor adventures with groundbreaking new features like the G-TURN.

Reach me if you can.
Goes electric, stays iconic.

The Rise of Thrill.

When the mountain calls, the G 63 roars. It’s a marvel of engineering that packs a punch, dominating rugged terrain or the urban asphalt with its unmatched performance and expressive character. Powered by an engine that makes the heart race and the landscape blur, it captures the best of both worlds: The G-Class offroad character with the AMG thrill.

A true mountain GOAT.
The peak of performance.

The Rise of Adventure.

The newest evolution of the offroad legend stays true to its origins and strengths: unparalleled offroad capabilities, comfortable onroad performance and a unique, unmistakable design. Crafted with a future-proof ethos since 1979, the G-Class is truly built to last.

Ain’t no mountain high enough.
Off to new heights.