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The obviously good VC

The Kärcher vacuum cleaners.

It’s a vacuum cleaner, guys. But it brings back the WOW every time.

Kärcher returns with a new “Bring back the WOW” piece, taking a whole new tone – bold, stylish and you won’t be able to keep a straight face.

We all know what a vacuum cleaner does, how it sounds and what it looks like. So we emphasized exactly that: the basic, mundane and completely normal aspects of a vacuum cleaner. It’s not rocket science and it shouldn’t be sold as such. No made-up or exaggerated features. No design fluff. Just honest facts that silently make a point in a casual, devil-may-care manner.

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There is also a film. 

Understated is très chic. 
And damn funny.

Read through some of our VC’s most honest statements and enjoy the very stylish shots captured by Ruben Riermeier and styled by Peninah Amanda.

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