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Stay in your comfort zone

The new C-Class.

Stay in your comfort zone. The new C-Class.

We’ve heard the story: if you want to be successful, you have to leave your comfort zone. Until now.

Because Mercedes-Benz invites you to do the opposite: relax inside your luxurious comfort zone. Here’s the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class. Redefining what a comfort zone can be. But not only that. It’s a global campaign that helps change the brand’s positioning from premium to luxury. Even if that means stepping out of our own comfort zone.

See what a comfort zone feels like.

Magic happens inside your comfort zone.

For our campaign stills we extended the comfort zone around the C-Class. It’s a metaphorical interpretation with striking imagery. Breaking with conventions of traditional automotive photography. Our conceptual approach brought luxury into every detail. From styling, set design and a unique cast. Almost magical.

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Watch the gallery.
Watch the gallery.
Watch the gallery.
Watch the gallery.

Work hard, rest hard.

Welcome to the motivational proverbs of the internet age. Where Google, Pinterest boards and Instagram tell you how to lead a better life. With empty words and clichés.
We juxtaposed these statements of self-improvement with confident characters who step out of their hamster wheels.

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Make yourself comfortable.

Our product photography captured the craftmanship of the new C-Class. We highlighted the luxurious materials with close detail shots and unseen angles. 

Welcome to your retreat to recharge.

Watch the gallery.