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Making New


Connecting with others feels inspiringly new — with the iPhone 15 and Vodafone.

With the newest hardware from Apple and Vodafone’s strong 5G network at your side, you’re entirely unstoppable. Even in matters of the heart. A love story like we’ve all experienced it before: Eye contact in the subway and — “Next stop!” — one of you has to get off. Dammit. But, since our protagonists are equipped with the iPhone 15 and Vodafone, nothing is impossible.

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The iPhone’s new feature brought our two protagonists together, even after they thought it was impossible. NameDrop allows any two iPhones to share contact posters with one another in an instant. The feature fits perfectly with Vodafone’s brand message of technology bringing people together.

Making New

The campaign “Making New Connections” furthers Vodafone’s brand claim “Together we Can”, by pairing together the human spirit with cutting edge technology — in order to bring us all further.