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Magical Garage 2


Innovations, more
magical than ever.

With our previous brand campaign we've already opened the door to a very special place: the Magical Garage. This follow-up campaign continues the narrative and presents four more innovations: intelligent comfort, immersive sound, automated driving and digital extras.

Each feature redefines the driving experience in its own way, putting the passenger at the very center. A principle that also comes into play in the campaign. Aboard a floating car seat, our protagonist immerses herself in the surreal worlds of the magical garage. The result is a fantastic journey that playfully blurs the boundaries between reality and abstract metaphor.

Watch the campaign film.

Straight out of a
surrealist work of art.

For the still imagery of the campaign, the surreal character is continued and transformed into eye-catching quick reads. Next to the protagonist in the floating seat, the fully electric Mercedes-Benz models are integrated into conceptual environments.

Otherwise very technical topics and complex technologies are emotionalized in a maximally fascinating way, strengthening the brand's innovative power and luxury identity.

Watch the gallery.

Exploring the garage with
a tap, swipe and pinch.

Following the relaunch of the main Mercedes-Benz hub, the digital staging of the campaign on the website becomes more interactive and immersive. The film's fantastic narrative is transformed into state-of-the-art scrollytelling.

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