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Grow up

Stories of a new generation

The campaign that changed everything.

Five short films instead of a classic TV ad. Fashion photography instead of masculine car shots. And pop culture icon A$AP Rocky as the new face of the brand. “Grow up” became a global phenomenon as a campaign that changed car communications. It ran in over 50 markets worldwide and was appointed “campaign of the year” by the German marketing magazine “new business”.

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An icon for an iconic brand.

Luxury brand communication in a digital age has evolved. With global artists from music, film or fashion being at the heart of it. For “Grow up.” we brought Mercedes-Benz and artist, as well as, pop culture icon A$AP Rocky together to collaborate. In his short film “Grow up. Get a Job.” he tells his very personal story of his journey to a career in music and culture. In addition, 4 more unique stories were made, giving the campaign a more people-focused feel.

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Grow up. Get a Job. feat. A$AP Rocky

Creating a true digital campaign.

We chose to entertain – not sell. With over 190 unique assets tailor made for each channel, the campaign was the most ambitious content production in brand history. The flagship pieces were five short films shot by Gustav Johansson exploring the new realities by the next generation of adults, with each story tackling a modern take on tradition.

Watch the case film.

A new signature style.

For decades, photography in car advertising followed the same rules: find an aggressive perspective and add a lot of Photoshop. We wanted to create something different. That’s why we went for the french fashion photographer Alice Moitié. The result: a car campaign that looks real and human. And makes the rest of the crowd look just a little bit outdated.

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Campaign of the year!

The campaign was the most globally adapted in brand history, coming to life in over 50 countries. It created an organic reach of over 100 million contacts on the brand’s owned channels in the first 8 weeks. It was named one of Germany’s top six most outstanding campaigns by Horizont, recognized at the Cannes Lions several times, including an entertainment lion. And finally, it was appointed “campaign of the year” by marketing magazine “new business”.